Antonia Prebble Filmography

1999 Joan St Joan School Production
1997 Children’s Chorus Carmen Wellington City Opera
1996 Muscial Star Child
2006 Loretta West (core cast) Outrageous Fortune - series 2 South Pacific Pictures
2005 Caterina The Lost Children Mike Smith, Big House Pictures Ltd
2005 Principal Jandals Away Quick TV
2005 Saskia Interrogation South Pacific Pictures
2005 Clare Power Rangers - Mystic Force various, Ranger Productions ltd
2004-05 Loretta West Outrageous Fortune various, South Pacific Pictures
2004 Krista Power Rangers - Dino Thunder various, Village Roadshow KP Productions
2004 Voice of Nova ranger Power Rangers - Space Patrol Delta Ranger productions Ltd
2003 Trudy, Series lead The Tribe#5 Cloud 9 Productions
2002 Show Host WNTV Avalon Studios
2001 Trudy The Tribe#4 Series lead
2001 Ruth Dark Knight Palana
2000 Trudy, Series lead Tribe Tribe #3 Cloud 9 Productions
1999 Trudy Series lead The Tribe#2 Cloud 9 Productions
1998 Trudy Series lead The Tribe #1 Cloud 9 Productions
1997 Mandy McFarlane Mirror Mirror 2 Dir. Yvonne McKay Gibson Group
1997 A Twist in the Tale A Crack in Time Cloud 9 Productions
2006 Best Supporting Actress - nomination NZ Film & Television Awards
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